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Mobile climbing wall

Malthouse Outdoor Activity Centre has its own mobile climbing wall available for hire, for outdoor events (subject to a site visit). Please call the centre for further information.

OUTDOOR activities & learning opportunities for young people

Malthouse Outdoor Activity Centre offers a variety of activities for young people and adults aged from 8 years upwards.

The minimum group size the centre accepts for all activities is 6 people.

Malthouse Outdoor Activity Centre can also offer half or full ay activities for young people.  For more details and information please speak to a member of the Malthouse team.



> Learning outside the classroom in new and varied environments

> Achieve a recognised qualification through activity skills

> Informal learning / education

> Learning through direct experience

> Key skills of communication, problem solving, leadership and team work

> Personal qualities by developing initiative, self reliance, perseverance, resilience, confidence and responsibility

> Understand the value of responsibility and care

> Health and fitness

> Increases motivation and appetite for learning

> Broadened horizons

> Gain a spirit of adventure

> Realise their potential and raise their expectations