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1) Sign up for volunteer week in your community

2) Give yourself time:- Make a timetable for my day/time

3) Help out around the house:- “I can help……………… with a household job”

4) I can take the dog for a walk

5) Say thank you to someone, for something you have done

6) Phone a friend or relative who needs support or company

7) Ask a peer or friend how they are and really listen to the answer

8) Arrange a day out (or something virtual) for you and a friend/ relative

9) Try and do one kind thing everyday

10) Recycle your waste to help the environment

11) Hold the door open for someone

12) Go to a charity shop and donate something you don’t use anymore

13) Bake something for someone, or make them a handmade, thoughtful gift

14) Take some food to a food bank to help others

15) Send someone a message/ card telling them how much you love and appreciate them

16) Offer to help your parents or people you live with around the house

17) Give yourself some time to relax and do what you want to do

18) Give others your time and teach someone how to do something

19) Create something that will make people smile:- such as a funny compilation video or a compilation of old photos of you and your friends and family

20) Give yourself a good nights sleep:- Give yourself an hour off screens before you go to sleep

21) Give someone you love a hug (or a virtual hug)

22) Give someone a small present to cheer up their day

23) Smile at someone: – If one million people smile at 300 people each, every person in Britain will get smiled at 5 times

24) Be friendly in sign language and give someone the gift of being inclusive. Click here to learn some sign language!

25) Love where you live – map can be full of places that everyone knows. This is your map – fill it with stuff that only you know. Give someone the gift of time to visit these places with the people you love. Click here to find some of the best places to visit in Sandwell!