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1) Try out Couch to 5K:- A beginners running plan of 3 runs each week over 9 weeks

2) Go to a local park for a run

3) Try something new. Click here to find some new sports and activities you can try!

4) Try out some YouTube workouts. Click here to have a go at some YouTube Workouts!

5) Ball Bearings:

– Mime (act out without speaking) different ways to use a ball; remember to pay attention to the timing to make it look realistic. You could bounce a ball, throw and catch, bowl, shoot at a net, kick, dribble, throw and kick or act out the moves from a ball game e.g. basketball, rounders, netball, cricket or netball. Think about all of the actions you might make playing these games.

-Additional Challenge:

Imagine that you are robot following these instructions. What sort of movements would they make?

6) Family “climb to the top of the mountain” Challenge:- Remember to walk up and down the stairs; you could set yourself the challenge of climbing up a variety of different buildings as a family. Remember only the steps going up the stairs count in the challenge!

7) Circuit challenge:- Organise exercise circuit for family or just siblings e.g 5 minutes running on the spot, 1 minute of star jumps, 20 squats, 20 reps of bean can lifting, 2 minutes jumping on the spot etc. You could exercise differently in different rooms.

8) It’s a Strictly Dance off” / Lip Sync Battle Family Style:- Have a 30 minute crazy dance off each person chooses a song and everyone has to do the maddest dance to it. You could get other family and friends to take part and video share. Why not sing along to (or pretend to sing to the lyrics) and provide a score for each family member!

9) Family Choice:- Take it in turns to choose a YouTube exercise activity for the family each day and all take part. You could record yourselves and share.

10) Mini-Marathon challenge:- Do a mini marathon by running up and down your garden each day. Measure the distance and record how many times you complete it. Convert the distance to miles see how many you can do over 2 weeks or more. Create a chart to record your achievement each day. You could get friends and family to sponsor you and raise money for charity.

11) Family Olympics / “Old Fashioned” Sports Day:- Organise a garden Olympics for your family or siblings set up a series of activities for example:-

-Bean bag race collect items to put in bucket (you could swop for balled up socks), Speed-walk around the garden (1 foot has to stay on the floor at all times)

-Mini-gymnastic display Egg and Spoon race

-3 Legged race

-Hopping on one leg race

-Tunnel Race (place chairs with a gap between them and place a blanket over the top) -Slowest walk – whoever comes last comes first!

-Wet sponge race (2 buckets and sponge are needed; give a set amount of time for each competitor) Tin can challenge (empty tins placed in a pyramid – throw a ball to knock them off the table)

-Skipping rope challenges Slalom race dodging around different household items

-Target toss: create a target on the ground and throw or roll a ball into the target. Add points to make it into a competition.

– Standing long jump: Each child takes a turn at a long jump. Add markers to the floor to measure how far they’ve jumped, gaining points for each marker reached.

12) Minute to Win It Games:- Lots of quick challenge games with everyday household items. Click here to have a go at some of the games!

13) Obstacle course:- You could place various items around the room / garden and race one another e.g. ball of socks could be thrown up in the air and caught, sit and stand up in a chair without using the arms etc.

-Additional Challenge: Blindfold the person doing the obstacle challenge or ask them to pretend to be a robot (you must give really clear instructions!)

14) Ice Sculptures:- Imagine that you are an ice sculpture standing up straight and tall; you could either be a block of ice or have been frozen in ice. Imagine that the sun comes out and slowly starts to melt you. You could slowly start to melt into a puddle (if you have been a block of ice) or slowly start to move parts of your body as it melts.

15) Feeling Tired and Heavy:- Start by moving around. One at a time and allowing enough time to do the action, call out a body part concentrate on it becoming tired and heavy until your whole body stops moving.

16) Playing with your pets:- spending time with animals, stroking their fur slowly and repeatedly really helps to reduce stress.

17) Go for a walk (ensuring you are following Covid-19 Guidelines)

18) I can design an exercise routine for my family and show them how to do this; make a training circuit around the house or garden. At each station, complete a different exercise for 30 seconds, for example; bunny hops, star jumps, lunges, stepping on and off a step. Then move on to the next.

19) I can research, plan and deliver a meditation / tai-chi / mindfulness / yoga session for my family.

20) Have a dance party