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Offer for Schools, Colleges & Groups

Malthouse Outdoor Activity Centre offers a variety of Outdoor Adventurous Activities and learning opportunities for young people that contribute towards their personal and social development in a fun and exciting informal learning environment.

The benefits to the young people participating in outdoor adventurous activities include:

  • Learning outside the classroom in new and varied environments
  • Informal learning/education
  • Learning through direct experience
  • Key skills of communication, problem solving, leadership and team work
  • Personal qualities by developing initiative, self-reliance, perseverance, resilience, confidence and responsibility
  • Understand the value of responsibility and care
  • Health and Fitness
  • increased motivation and appetite for learning
  • Broadened Horizons
  • Gain a spirit for adventure
  • Realise their potential and raise their expectations

Malthouse Outdoor Activity Centre’s offer to Youth Groups, Community Operating Groups, Uniformed Organisations, Schools, Colleges, Youth Offending Teams, Training Organisations and other Voluntary Organisations is to facilitate young people’s involvement in outdoor adventurous activities in a fun and enjoyable way based on individual’s voluntary involvement in the activities.

No matter what the activity, staff recognise that every person has a different start point and will offer support to enable them to progress and achieve as much as possible.

Activities that are adventurous, progressive, innovative, challenging and exciting provide opportunities for young people to take ownership of their experience and be challenged at a pace appropriate to their stage of development, no matter what their background or previous experience.

The activities themselves often require commitment, endeavour and resilience. As a result, many young people develop leadership qualities and grow in self-confidence and self-respect, often finding a voice that may not be apparent in their everyday lives.

By using real life settings and experiences, young people have the opportunity to develop an understanding of risk and consequence in a stimulating and challenging environment.

Every Child Matters

The contribution Outdoor Adventurous Activities has towards the ECM outcomes include:

Being Healthy

Participating in a range of outdoor adventurous activities is a perfect way for young people to experience new and exciting sports and activities, which can be both physically and mentally challenging. Outdoor adventurous activities can help reduce obesity while improving young people’s health and their personal and social development.

Staying Safe

Outdoor adventurous activities provide challenges and elements of risk taking that young people have to identify, deal with and conquer.

Risk taking is a natural part of growing up and helping young people to recognise risk and to make sound judgements can clearly contribute to reductions in accidents and improved decision-making skills throughout their lives ultimately making them more responsible citizens.

Enjoying & Achieving 

Young people learn best when their having fun and involved in activities that focus their interest. The activities at Malthouse are designed for young people to find their own limitations, whilst ensuring that everyone succeeds. Tackling outdoor adventurous activities can be quite frightening to many young people but the achievement can be enormously rewarding.

One area that is being developed currently at Malthouse for example is for those young people who are not academically focused. Learning out of the classroom can stimulate and inspire them to improve their attitude towards learning.

Making a Positive Contribution

Outdoor adventurous activities encourage young people to develop and extend key skills such as communication, co-operation, problem solving, leadership and respect for others. Developing these skills help individuals to better understand how they and others may contribute towards a team, a common goal or objective. This may then be related and extend to contributions they are able to make to their local community and society as a whole.

Achieving Economic Wellbeing

Outdoor adventurous activities help young people to develop self esteem, confidence and improve their inter-personal skills. The ability to be able to work as part of a team, independently, communicate ideas, make decisions are all attributes that employers look for when job opportunities arise.

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