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Exciting news!

The vote is now open on the design for the new youth buses for Sandwell. You have until Wednesday 6th December to choose your favourite – the winning design will then be transferred on to the actual buses which will be launched in April 2024.

This is your chance to have a say in how the buses will look when they are out and about around Sandwell.

Please vote for your favourite design here!

*Please note – these are artists impressions and the final design may differ slightly from these images*

The Sandwell Youth Bus accompanies detached youth teams in undertaking detached youth work in areas of Sandwell. Detached youth work is a model of youth work practice, targeted at vulnerable & excluded young people that mainstream youth work and other services may not reach.

The Youth Bus is a fantastic tool to get young people engaged with youth workers in areas that may not have any youth provision or areas may be suffering from anti-social behaviour. Youth Workers can then develop programmes and projects with the young people to address their needs / issues.

The Youth Bus has 6 laptops with 4G internet access – young people like these for social networking and games and to catch up with homework or to research for their accreditation courses.

There is a full DJ workstation where young people can develop their skills around music mixing and production as well as rapping / MC and singing.

We have a Playstation 4 in a dedicated games room with rocker seats, and there is an XBOX One with Kinect so young people can be active whilst having fun.

youth bus

There are also 4 televisions all with Freeview or DVD access and a space for workshops, group discussions and one to one work.

The Youth Bus travels around Sandwell.

If you would like to find out where the bus will be at a specific time, please contact youngpeople_services@sandwell.gov.uk

Please Note: The Youth Bus is only partially accessible to wheelchair users.