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Advice: Sexual Health

If you have concerns or worries about your sexual health, see below to find out who can offer you support and guidance…

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If you still do not understand, then please contact us, or email us at shape_events@sandwell.gov.uk

We are here to help with anything you do not understand, and we can also point you in the right direction!

Services that are here to help you:


Brook offer relationship and sex education support to children and young people aged 11 – 18 years (up to 25years for vulnerable young people and those with special educational needs and disability) in Sandwell. If you have questions or concerns about anything to do with sex or relationships Brook might be the right service for you. You can discuss a variety of things including contraception, gender, staying safe online, sexuality, sex, consent, STIs and much more.

Brook’s website is also packed full of useful information about relationships and sex education – take a look here.

Visit here to find out how to get in touch with the service.

You can also speak to a trusted adult who could refer you to the service on your behalf, this might include; a parent, carer or other family member, school health nurse, teacher or other school staff, community worker/youth worker or a health professional.

Brook also offers support and training for professionals who work in Sandwell and support and advice for parents and carers. If you are a professional or a parent/carer seeking further information about relationships and sex education, please get in touch with Brook here.