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Practical Tools & Tips

Practical tools and tips for coping with suicidal thoughts & feelings

Coping with suicidal thoughts and feelings is not easy, but there is always a way through.

It is really important to talk to someone when you are feeling suicidal or are worried that you might hurt yourself.

Please remember that these tools are not a substitute for getting help when you need it. You are not alone, and someone is there to listen.

Speak to family, friends, a trusted adult at school, your doctor, a school nurse or use a support helpline, textline or chat service.

More details of services that can help can be found here.

Suicide Safety Plans

Watch the video from the Sandwell Reflexions Service to learn more about what a safety plan is.

HOPELINK from Papyrus offer a free online safety plan that you can control. You can create a secure online account and access your safety plan at all times to help keep you safe when having suicidal thoughts.

HOPEBOX – Papyrus have developed this useful HOPEBOX tool to help you cope with suicidal thoughts and when things get too difficult. The idea behind this box is that it is filled with things that can help you to feel better. When you’re feeling upset, anxious, or experiencing thoughts of suicide then you can use the box as a way to feel better. Click here to find out more.


CHIME Model of Personal Recovery

So, what is CHIME and how could this help?

CHIME helps us to remember what is important in life:

  • Connectedness – Having good relationships and being connected in positive ways to other people
  • Hope – Belief that a better life is both possible and attainable
  • Identity – Regaining a positive sense of self and identity, overcoming stigma and being recognised as a whole person
  • Meaning – Living a meaningful and purposeful life. We all find meaning in very different ways
  • Empowerment – Focusing on personal strengths and abilities, taking personal responsibility and control of your life can be hard, but are very important for recovery


ChildLine has some practical tips that can help you if you are feeling suicidal.

Childline’s 5 things you can do when you are feeling suicidal…

  1. hobbies or stuff you enjoy like listening to music (not something that could make things worse like drugs and alcohol)
  2. physical activity like sports, dancing, jogging or yoga
  3. talking to someone you trust or to others on Childline’s message boards
  4. something that give you a sense of achievement, like drawing or doing a puzzle
  5. look at a photo of someone who really cares about you.


Take a look at our Helpful Apps page for more practical tools you can use if you are feeling suicidal.


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