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How you can help your friends or someone you care about

Trigger warning! You might find these stories difficult to watch.  Try watching these with a friend, family member or a person you trust. If you do find them difficult, please talk to someone about it.

It is important to provide a listening ear to your friends or people you care about.  Let your friends know that you are there for them and care about how they are feeling.

If someone tells you that they are having suicidal thoughts or have made plans to end their own life, it is important that you tell an adult as soon as possible to ensure that your friend gets the support that they need.

If your friend is in immediate danger, please call 999.


Childline has lots of tips to helping you to support your friends or someone you care about here.

In the video above, Roman Kemp shares his experience of losing his friend to suicide with BBC Three. He visits other young men who have lost friends, and they share what they have learnt about supporting each other. There is a full length (1 hour) documentary of this story available here.

The RealTalk interactive video here, shows how these conversations can be difficult as friends can try to push you away when you are trying to help. Remember to encourage your friend to seek help, and if they do not want to do it, offer your support to help them.

Supporting a friend or someone you care about who is experiencing suicidal thoughts is not easy. Remember to look after your own wellbeing throughout and speak to someone to help you cope with your own feelings, thoughts and worries.

Check out our self-care page to for some ideas of how you can look after yourself.