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Sandwell Young People’s i-THRIVE Model

On Friday 19 May, we launched the Sandwell Young People’s i-THRIVE Model.

The Sandwell Young People’s i-THRIVE Model has been created to help you understand what will happen when you require advice, guidance and support with your emotional wellbeing. As soon as you notice the signs of something going wrong in your life, you must speak to a trusted adult.

Do not wait until you are in crisis!

The framework is needs led, meaning that mental health needs are defined by children, young people and their families, alongside professionals, through shared decision-making. Each issue will be dealt with individually, so therefore you may receive a different level of support for each issue.

The THRIVE framework is a national framework. You can find out more about the framework here.

Alongside the i-THRIVE Model, we have also created an accompanying video. You can download the model here and watch the video here!

As well as launching the i-THRIVE model, we are also launching the:

‘Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Directory for Sandwell Children, Young Adults and their Families’.

The directory can be downloaded here.

This directory is not an exhaustive list of all of the mental health support on offer in Sandwell. This is a list of resources, and no way indicating endorsement of any services. We also have lots of useful links on our Advice Pages here.