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The SHAPE Youth Forum is a valuable tool to involve young people in the continuing development of the borough of Sandwell. They have provided a voice for young people across Sandwell and have been consistently used as a consultative body for various initiatives concerning young people.

The SHAPE Youth Forum’s continued role will be to provide a representative youth body for Sandwell. Its responsibilities will include the coordination of the SHAPE our Future Programme, feeding in issues from the “SHAPE youth conference” and “SHAPE annual survey” and be involved in SHAPE activities including the National Takeover Challenge.

The SHAPE Youth Forum meets on a fortnightly basis in Oldbury on a Thursday evening.

What does the SHAPE Youth Forum do:

  • An open Forum for young people to come together to share their experiences, views and discuss issues relevant to them
  • A Forum where strategies to support each other are made.
  • A place where young people start learning to debate,
  • SHAPE Youth Forum will organise a wide range of activities, programmes and events throughout the year for itself, their peers and organisations involved with young people, which will include the annual SHAPE Youth Festival.
  • The SHAPE Youth Forum has 2 youth police crime commissioners elected from the Forum onto the West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner’s Youth Commission who look at community safety issues, including cse, radicalisation and prevent.
  • The SHAPE Youth Forum will be a consultation, advice and discussion body for the SHAPE Strategic Board in the first instance.
  • A Forum where Institutions, organisations and policy makers can listen to young people.


For further information about the SHAPE Youth Forum please contact the SHAPE Team on shape_events@sandwell.gov.uk or call 0121 569 6163/6164.