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Member of Youth Parliament Election Candidates 2022

We are so proud to announce our new Members of Youth Parliament,

Olivia Gall & Mohammed All-Hasan!

Olivia Gall

Hi I am Olivia and I want to be your voice in the uk youth parliament. I’m sure many of you are aware of the rising cases of sexual harassment cases towards young women in schools, and this is something we simply cannot ignore, especially when 92% of girls have experienced some sort of sexual harassment. This issue needs to be taken seriously and the misogynistic mindset that many hold needs to be addressed. I want to show people that we have the right to choose what type of world we want to live in and bring down the manufactured system that suppresses our voices. Like Malala Yousefsai said “in a world full of silence, one voice is powerful” let that voice be yours. Thank you

Click here to see Olivia’s Manifesto Video!

Mohammed All-Hasan

Hello everyone, I am 16 years old and I am in Year 12. In my bid to become the Youth Parliament representative for Sandwell, my manifesto priorities include; attitudes to exams and school life in general, homing in on the issues of discomfort and adversity women and girls face in day to day life and the problems we are facing with having real-life conversations outside of the digital world in the wake of COVID. You should vote for me because I believe I can display the necessary skills to effectively represent Sandwell, and I will never fail to voice my opinion on pressing matters, as well as everything that is on YOUR mind.

Click here to watch Mohammed’s Mainfesto Video!

Our Other Final Candidates

Freyja Girling

My name is Freyja and I am in year ten. As a young person I believe that everyone should have a voice, and I feel that as a young person, our voices are either ignored or not heard which is unfair since a lot of the decisions that are made by our government leaders affect us in particular if not more than everyone else since we are the next generation of people. I would like to bring forth the ideas and concerns of the young people in both Sandwell and other areas because I think that everyone’s opinions are valid. By voting for me, I will collaborate and listen to you so that your voice can be heard.

Click here to watch Freyja’s Manifesto Video!

Kortney-Anne Cox

I am 12 years old and I am in year 8. I think bullying and inequality in schools are the main issues that need addressing because it can damage people’s mental and physical health. Schools are also not dealing with bullying situations properly because as we know permanent exclusions due to bulling have decreased by 64% since 2006/7. I think I should be voted for because I would like to tackle bullying issues and I know how responsible I must be to take on the role of Member of Youth Parliament.

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Raghav Kumar

I understand the issues young people face in my area and want to represent those on a national level. Schools play a massive part in a young person’s life, to learn, gain new skills, and, equipping them with tools to be better human beings. However, Sandwell has one of the lowest rates of transition into University. I believe Schools are not giving enough opportunities and making learning exciting leading to young people staying in education. If elected, I aim to introduce engaging workshops providing skills for young people to prosper in their field and, encouraging schools to offer a range of opportunities to students such as financial literacy, which I believe every young person is entitled to.

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Tami Ajayi

Young people are not just the leaders of tomorrow, we are making huge changes to the world around us. My name is Tami, I am 13 and currently in year 8. I would like to become a member of the UKYP. My goal is to provide voice to the youth, enable them to try and mend the problems in the society and give opportunity to have their needs catered for in the community. I believe that creating an organised community for youth in our environment is important to nurture the growth of individual in making a positive change.

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