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Looked After Young People

The Looked after Young People’s Board (LAYPB) or children in care council are a group of young people of different ages and backgrounds who work hard to represent Sandwell’s children in care.
All the LAYPB members are vital in making sure that children’s voices are heard when it comes to decisions that affect their lives. It is not an easy job and they do it for the young people.
The LAYPB meet fortnightly to support each other, build friendships, talk about what is going well for them, and what changes to their support they would like.

The role of the Looked after Young People’s Board is:

  • Provides a voice for the wider population of children looked after and care leavers.
  • Helps monitor and implement the Sandwell Pledge.
  • Brings together service users and senior managers to influence positive change.

Every three months they have a meeting with the Corporate Parenting Board. The Corporate Parenting Board comprises of six elected councillors including the Lead Member for Children’s Services, Chief Executive, Director for Children’s & Families, senior managers and other service providers to tell them what is going well for them and other looked after young people, and what the LAYPB plan to do in the future.

You can find out more about the LAYPB at www.sandwell.gov.uk. If you’d like to become a member of the LAYPB please contact the Participation Team on 0121 569 5922 or email layp_board@sandwell.gov.uk and why not ‘like’ us on Face book – by joining Sandy Wells and becoming a member of UR VOICE.