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Something to do…
Somewhere to go…
Someone to talk to…
…Our offer to young people.

Sandwell Young People’s Service work’s with young people aged between 11 and 25 years old, with a particular focus on 13 to 19 year olds.

Youth Workers

Sandwell Young People’s Services is committed to providing resourceful, experienced and professional youth workers who are able to build up positive relationships with you through your voluntary participation in a range of activities.

Youth workers will listen to you, and you will not be judged on what you say. Youth workers will only pass on information to other workers if they believe that you, or someone else, are at risk of being harmed.

Activities and challenges:

We will aim to provide you with access to buildings that are welcoming, safe, warm and clean, where you can engage in a range of fun, challenging activities. We will also meet with you in places where you hang out, such as street corners, parks and outside shops. We will also provide you with the opportunity to gain life and social skills through activities, conversations and discussions with other young people and staff, dealing with the issues which you face in everyday life. You will have the chance to learn new skills, through your engagement in challenges and activities involving having fun, taking risks and responsibilities, developing teamwork and enhancing your creativity. Your journey with SYPS will be recorded with you, and you will have the opportunity to gain qualifications and accredited awards along the way.

Advice and guidance:

We acknowledge that you are an expert in your own life, and you will be offered choices and supported to make decisions about your life, health and wellbeing. Staff will be able to support you to access other services which can meet your additional needs.

Having a say and getting involved:

We will provide you with a genuine opportunity to influence and shape services, and enable you to get involved in the decision making process. You will be offered the chance to have a say in the running of your own youth provision, as well as specialist forums, e.g. SHAPE Youth Forum. You will also be encouraged to represent the views of young people in Sandwell’s democratic processes through the Sandwell Youth Parliament and youth consultations and conferences. You will be offered the opportunity to give back some of your skills to your youth provision, or the wider community, by volunteering to take on additional responsibilities. This can lead to you becoming a registered volunteer for Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, and could open a wide range of placement opportunities. We will celebrate your achievements, through individual certificates and awards at your youth provision.